what is eft tapping

What is Emotional Freedom Techniques or “Tapping”?

What Is EFT Tapping? The Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT or Tapping, is an acupressure technique you can do yourself, or with a Certified EFT Practitioner, that helps you to release your negative emotions, emotionally charged memories, and helps you change limiting beliefs and phobias. I use it in my practice because it really works! The success rate is very high—higher than any other therapy I have ever used in my 27 years of practice.

Emotional health is absolutely essential to your well-being and your physical health and healing. Even if you are very committed to a good diet and healthy lifestyle, you will not achieve your body’s ideal healing and preventative powers if emotional barriers stand in your way. In Oriental Medicine, Energy Medicine, or Alternative Medicine the body, mind, and spirit are thought to be intimately connected to one another. For example, when you are in pain, it can affect you emotionally (you might be more sensitive and irritable) and effect your spirit (you might become down or pessimistic).

EFT will help you:

  • Resolve and clear old painful memories
  • Release limiting beliefs about yourself
  • Free yourself from fears and phobias

What Is EFT Tapping?

Practicing EFT is very simple and easy and you can do it by yourself in your home.  It uses acupressure and you simply tap with your fingertips which stimulates kinetic energy in the major acupuncture meridians on your face, check and hands. While you do this you focus your mind on a negative emotion, upsetting memory, pain or addiction.

The combination of moving energy in your meridian system and focusing your mind on the problematic issue or event, while you voice your reactions to it, works to release the “short circuit” – the emotional block – from your body’s bio energy system. This restores a neutrality, peace and balance, which is essential for full emotional and physical well-being.

The Foundation of EFT 

The foundation of EFT rests in meridian therapy’s theory that if there is a free flow of energy in the meridian system, there will be sense of well-being. Big upsets in our life and limiting beliefs about ourselves can block that flow and cause pain and contraction at all the levels of our being.

EFT Works! 

EFT works! I have witnessed the results in my clients since 2001 when I started using EFT in my practice. Because of its very high success rate, the use of EFT has spread to every corner of the world.

It’s the best investment you can make in your personal experience of well-being.