EFT tapping success stories

Zoe Walton

Heal Yourself with EFT

EFT tapping success stories and testimonials are found below. These EFT testimonials include EFT for healing, EFT tapping for weight loss, EFT tapping for anxiety, EFT tapping for money, EFT for anger, for allergies, for money (a popular one), EFT for stress. After some 3000 words we ran out of space. We advise you to read on.

Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT

Zoe is an amazing Matrix Reimprinting and EFT practitioner. I’ve had several break-through sessions with her working on core issues and deeply ingrained survival mechanisms – what a relief and blessing! Zoe has a wonderful way of using her intuition to gently help to bring out “what’s underneath”, that might not have been fully seen yet. I deeply appreciate her spiritual background and wisdom. Zoe is a gifted, very experienced, well-rounded, gentle and insightful practitioner – it’s my pleasure to highly recommend her to everybody! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Love,

Heike, San Francisco, CA

Pro EFT Practitioner

Zoe is an amazing human being and practitioner-guide.  She has tremendous staying power, knowing that the process works, even when I have felt profoundly without hope, due to my challenging life experiences. She has a marvelous and invaluable quality of a kind of hound on the hunt, who has the scent and won’t let anything get in the way of tracking it down, a fierce focus — which is helping me finally raise myself up out of the muck of my conditioning, my erroneous decisions under duress, and offering me my life back.  She is a phenomenal warrior of the spirit, ever opening her heart, ever seeking new gateways to wisdom, ever willing to share them for the enlightenment and healing of others.  Zoe also has a deep understanding of the light in each person and the ability to use her considerable gifts to strengthen others and support them in their quests for freedom, never weakening or fostering dependency.  There is not a day goes by that I am not thanking her with all of my heart.

Alice M., Menlo Park, CA

Tapping On  Anxiety

Thank you so much for helping me get out of that anxiety rut that I had been in for such a long time.  It feels so good to be excited about my path in life again.  Your intuition was always spot on, and you knew exactly how to help me.  I can’t believe how quickly you were able to help me feel better.  You have been such an inspiration and I am very grateful for your kindness and skill.  I look forward to keeping in touch with you for tune ups or to sort out any things that come up.

Kathrine in San Francisco,CA

Tapping on Core Issues

I have tapped with Zoe only three times with great results! My tapping with Zoe involved grief and fear of cancer.
One of the first words that come to mind when I think of Zoe is ‘effective’.  Here are the reasons:
1.      You don’t waste your appointment time talking and explaining your issue, you spend the time tapping!!!!  This is how you quickly get rid of your issue.
2.      Zoe is an EFT Master and that is very obvious when you meet her. She hones in on the core of the issue immediately. For me, it was during the first round of tapping that she really hit the head on the nail.
3.      Zoe keeps you focused (which is hard to do by yourself) on the issue at hand until it is no longer an issue.
4.      Her tapping rounds are very powerful. The wording she uses is absolutely brilliant!!!! These words resonate deeply with you and get you to FEEL your issue at a deep level. This in turn, gets the problem solved quickly.
5.      She always knows what to tap on next. Honestly you don’t always know that yourself. Your head is kind of empty sometimes after tapping. Zoe however, goes after the issue round after round.
6.      Zoe has several processes she uses with EFT which makes it even more effective!
 Zoe is a very loving and caring woman, and she is absolutely brilliant! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to effectively work on an issue with EFT J
Katarina Johansson, San Jose,CA.

EFT for Emotional Traumas

I have been using (EFT Tapping) with Zoe for a year now.  The last few years in my life have been filled with many transitions and emotional challenges.  A few years ago I lost a job and almost lost my home of 35 years.  The last month I moved to a new home.  Zoe tapped with me on loss and grieving and change. Tapping with Zoe got me in touch with past family issues. 

 Zoe is amazing. In one hour she let me tell my story, deal with the emotional pain and lift me up to spiritual awakening.  Zoe has a way of tapping me out of pain into enlightenment.  I have shifted so many emotional issues.  She is a master of EFT.  As a result of tapping with her,  I have shifted my energy and vibration to a higher level. My marriage also has been raised up and many issues have been healed and resolved.  I now own a beautiful home on the top of a  mountain and have a new job that is so about love and fulfillment and ease.  Thank you Zoe.  You will be in my life for many years to come. I have so much Gratitude for all you have done.


Donna Ryan, California


EFT Core Issues

When we started our EFT and Matrix work I had no idea we would connect with the deepest
core issues and rewrite the cellular memory of patterns that seemed so ingrained they could
never be changed.  You skillfully moved me into those wounds with clarity and wisdom.  
After years of talk therapy that laid the ground, in relatively few sessions with tapping and
rewriting experience that seemed impossible to dislodge,  the emotional content came easily to the surface.  I am lighter today, thanks to the work.  I am more hopefu,l and the way of enduring without hope has dissolved.
Thank you for your ability to use a laser like focus to illuminate the origins of negative patterns. 
Nancy L, Colorado


EFT for Difficult Situations

I was introduced to Zoe Walton at a time when I needed help to understand things that were happening in my life.  I was already familiar with tapping but had a difficult time working through things on my own.  I feel grateful to have connected with Zoe.  She helped me tap through the problems I was having and helped me to feel hope when I felt like there wasn’t any.  I appreciated her positive attitude and her willingness to advise me in my path forward.  Being able to look back on the tapping sessions and reflecting back on advice given in the sessions, I have been able to move forward with hope.  Thank you Zoe for all you have given me in our sessions together.

Donna Semadeni 

EFT for Fear and Anxiety

Zoe has a gift! I have done many sessions with her and each one has the same result where I feel brightened and lighter! She has helped me tackle fears and anxieties and stuck traumas in the body ease-fully! I was skeptical but after one session, I witnessed how I was able to relate totally different to circumstances and patterns. She also brings her STRONG intuition. It is possible to do EFT on your own, but the benefit of someone who brings this level of guidance is invaluable. I found myself getting to the heart of things so fast. I am grateful Zoe is available to do such a service and can not praise her enough for her work!!!
AK, California


EFT for Traumas

Zoe has helped me work through traumas that were difficult to access and release through traditional psychotherapy. I started seeing her for public speaking and general anxiety and soon began using EFT for just about every blockage that has an emotional/belief component. Zoe brings grounded spiritual wisdom to the innovative and versatile therapeutic tool of EFT. After a session with Zoe, I feel emotionally liberated and freed in a way I’ve never before experienced. Thanks, Zoe!
Jessica Shephard, California

EFT for Anxiety

Zoe Walton is an amazing practitioner who has moved me forward in ways I never thought possible. I have been doing EFT with her for a bit over a year now, and my anxiety has dropped substantially and my life has opened up. Zoe has also been a trusted advisor on herbs and medication, as well as life choices. I consider Zoe a unique resource for the world — a holistic healer with a deep understanding of a variety of different healing modalities.
Laura in San Anselmo


EFT  Practitioner Training

Zoe Walton is the most gifted and warm hearted EFT practitioner I know. I have experienced many psychotherapists, EFT practitioners, bodyworkers, and Eastern and Western doctors and have found Zoe to be one of the most effective, kind hearted, compassionate, intuitive and wise practitioners.

Zoe has the ability to address and bring to consciousness core issues (that can take years to reveal and heal in psychotherapeutic sessions) and resolve these issues within one session or a couple of sessions.

Her knowledge and expertise in guiding me to apply two simple and effective techniques called Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting has changed my life and helped me to heal past traumas.  I love that I have a tool box filled with tools and techniques that I am able to use on my own at any time.   Zoe has taught me these techniques and I apply them daily.

Zoe has been instrumental in guiding me in my healing process.  Zoe is the first person I would recommend to help resolve and heal a variety of issues including traumas, stress, anxiety, fear, phobias, anger, depression, chronic pain, weight loss, relationship issues, and many more. Her gifts and compassion are truly unique and effective.

DS, San Rafael,CA


Matrix Reimprinting Training

Zoe has always been an extremely skilled EFT practitioner and has helped me immensely. Now, with the addition of Matrix Reimprinting to her skill set, we have taken our work together to some really fantastic places. I have seen tremendous results with Zoe and Matrix Reimprinting. I look forward to doing more work and would highly recommend Zoe.

Jennifer,  Marin, CA


EFT & Relationships

From my work with Zoe I’ve experienced significant shifts in several areas of my life. My relationships with my husband and children have greatly improved and my work is more enjoyable. I’m learning how to relax and better manage stress. I’m learning how to let go of my fears and anxieties. I’m letting go of perfectionism and learning how to love myself and others unconditionally . Best of all, I’m finally honoring my own needs and really listening to my inner voice and my body, which will help me regain my health over time.

Julie A, Sacramento



Pro EFT Practitioner

I don’t think I could speak highly enough of Zoe and her skills as an EFT practitioner. She’s always very intuitive about what direction the session should take to achieve the best results. She’s also one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever had the opportunity to work with.

Amy,  Santa Clara, CA


Presenter of EFT Workshops

I’ve worked with many different therapists in a variety of modalities over the years and Zoe is in a league of her own. Along with her many years of experience, Zoe shares a high consciousness, deeply informed wisdom, reliable intuition, and tremendous care and intention to her work. She is an extraordinary guide and teacher.

ZFT, Boston, MA


Emotional Freedom Technique Training

Zoe is an incredibly beautiful human being. She not only is an amazing EFT practitioner but just as importantly, she has been my guiding light on the path to conscious living. Over the past 20 years I have worked with many coaches, therapists, attended countless workshops with wonderful health professionals but I have never felt as supported and encouraged as I have been working with Zoe. She is a gift from God.

Valerie A.,   San Francisco, CA

EFT Tapping for Anxiety

I wasn’t sure what to expect with EFT when I first started and I was a little skeptical, but I can honestly say that I’ve been blown away with how spot on Zoe is in tapping into what I’m feeling and helping to draw out the issues that I need to deal with. Her empathy and insight are truly a gift and I always leave our session feeling a sense of calmness and that I’m on the right path.

Julie G.,  San Francisco, CA


Heal Yourself with EFT

When I first came to Zoe I had been using EFT for several months on my own but got to a point where I felt I was stuck and no longer making progress. I was tapping on severe hearing loss (Meniere’s disease and tinnitus) and allergies, and that is initially what I worked on with Zoe. Wow, we dealt with that and so much more. Before my work with Zoe my hearing was so bad and distorted that I needed to wear my hearing aid almost every day in order to hear and function in the world, and even with the hearing aid I still could not always hear because of the distortion that I experienced. And my allergies were really causing me to suffer. Now, I only need to wear my hearing aid maybe one day a week or one day every two weeks, and my allergy symptoms have greatly improved. My hearing is so much better now, and I am so thankful! It is such a pleasure to not have to wear a hearing aid all the time. It is such a pleasure to be able to listen to music again without the distortion. It was so great working with Zoe – she is very intuitive and helped to dig out issues I had completely forgotten about. I feel like a new person in many ways. I would highly recommend Zoe to anyone needing help where they feel like they are at an impasse with using EFT. EFT is an amazing tool, and Zoe is a wonderful resource and help for anyone in this process of life change who is looking to improve the quality of their life. Oh yeah, and we did all of this work over the phone.

Michael, Santa Fe, NM


EFT for Anxiety Relief

I have had four sessions with Zoe and requested that she used EFT to help with some problems.  I am starting a new business and had a lot of great things in place, but didn’t have the push I need to finalize the needed activities.  Zoe was such a great help in having me see my “blockages”.  With her help, I was able to knock the problems down.  I really liked the fact that, with my permission, she recorded the sessions and sent them to me.  Going over the recordings several times was enlightening, as I continued to  develop a different perspective.

I had done some tapping on my own before working with Zoe, but my progress was slow.  I think Zoe’s greatest strengths, and there are many, are her intuition and surrogate muscle testing.  She can zero in on problems quickly.  It would have taken me a very long time to achieve the progress she made in four sessions.  In fact, I’m not sure I could ever have achieved this on my own.  The work we did not only helped me on the original problem, but has permeated almost all areas of my life for the better.  In general, I’m more focused and level headed.

EFT can help with a huge variety of problems.  If any issues come up for me in the future that I feel I cannot deal with effectively myself, I will certainly call Zoe again.

BF, Boston, MA


EFT for Negative Emotions

I want to emphasize that she’s not a “miracle worker,” per se.  She’s tremendously compassionate, insightful and intuitive.  I’ve done a lot of therapy over the years.  In my experience, when it comes to eliminating or shifting acute negative emotions, EFT with Zoe is the best.  She teaches you a technique for letting go of negative emotions in a safe way.  It’s very tactical, specific and doesn’t dig into the “why” or the past.  For me – and others I know – it was miraculous.  I’m fundamentally different after working with Zoe.  HOWEVER, the size of the impact is directly related to the time invested.  I got rapid and lasting results because I did it every day, several times a day.  Also note, that I was resistant at first.  But the vociferous endorsement of a deeply respected friend made me continue.

Sandra,   San Francisco, CA


EFT Tapping For Anxiety

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, mostly for your compassion in caring about me as your patient/student. I feel that and it means the world to me. Secondly, thank you for the excellent job you do with me in helping me unearth what I am trying to suppress. I do want to be the best and all I can be, and that means dealing with the “cushions” I have built and allow to stick and the incorrect thoughts that keep me in bondage.

Victoria, San Mateo, CA


EFT Tapping for Money

I just thought that you should know that I hold you personally responsible for the unbelievably successful, easy sale of my store. I really think the mantra you gave me to tap on did it. It went so much better than I could have imagined. I found the perfect woman.

I also have found someone to help with my physical challenges. I so appreciate all your support and help. Thanks so much.

Lisa S.,  Marin, CA


EFT  Tapping Workshops

There are no words to really express how much it has meant to me to have you helping me through this year of such intense transformational healing. When you helped me demonstrate to myself the profound difference between seeing the world through the eyes of my soul and the eyes of my ego, something shifted permanently in my psyche. What an amazing gift you have given me. In many ways, I feel I “graduated.” Of course, there may be times in the future when I’ll need your help again with my ego’s antics, but now I know how to recognize that is what’s going on. This new sense of freedom brings me such joy, and the power to change the things I can change–mostly me 🙂

Judy,  Monterey, CA


Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT

Zoe is an intuitive and skilled master at zeroing in on the right language to guide you to create and reimprint the images that set you free!

Linda, San Mateo, CA


Emotional Freedom Techniques

I have had an amazing and transformative experience working with Zoe, and have successfully dealt with dozens of intense and limiting emotional issues.  What has been most impressive and effective about  Zoe’s approach with EFT is her intuitive ability to identify core  issues, and most importantly in my situation identifying and clearing  frequent reversals.  Zoe has also been a wonderful teacher of EFT and helped me become empowered with this remarkable tool.  Today I feel a sense of joy, peace and enthusiasm for life that I haven’t experienced since I was a young child.  I am extremely privileged and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Zoe.

With immense gratitude,

Gordon C.


Heal Yourself with EFT

I wanted to elaborate on our brief conversation this morning.  You are now talking to a new person.  A person with energy and stamina.  A person who sleeps at night.  A person who recognizes symptoms (depression, adrenaline rushes, unhealthy mind talk, cravings) and deals with each symptom as it arises. My epilepsy seizures and vertigo are gone!  EFT and you brought me physical, mental and spiritual healing…



EFT for Fear  and Terror

There is still a lot of work to do.  My attitude now is, “That’s OK”.  I have the tool (EFT) to handle my daily challenges and face all the fear and terror, which has wracked my body.  Zoe, you were the one who identified that fear and terror.  More importantly, you gave me the exercises and techniques to embrace myself, love myself and see the real beauty inside.  Building on that, everything around me is changing.  I have a full time job!  (I never thought that could happen again.)  I am open to people – trusting and trustworthy.  Consequently, new friendships are developing daily.  I am positive about my future.  As that optimism grows (and it’s almost minute-by- minute), blessings pour in.  Two days ago, I turned 58.  Just a month ago, I dreaded that birthday.  Now I can’t wait for the next day to come; I no longer fear the unknown… the future.

I look forward to working closely with you and creating my new life and health. Thank you for this gift and this miracle.


Sue McCallen


EFT for Anger

I have been using EFT for two years and have recently qualified as practitioner. However, I’ve been stuck in hurt feelings and the anger and hatred I’ve felt after my breakup, some months ago and have not been able to make any headway. After three sessions with Zoe, this strong anger is gone and I feel lighter and more joyful. Most importantly I can now handle my feelings and work efficiently on my remaining issues alone. I’m so happy I’ve worked with her, she’s so kind and skilled and I’ve learned a lot from my own healing experience.



EFT for Anxiety Relief

I really want to thank you for yesterday. You’ve really helped me focus on what is really going on and helped me start to get a grip on my life and made me feel SO much better.

I look forward to our appointment next week.  Thanks again. Regards,



EFT Tapping For Weight Loss

For the first time in 30 years of fighting weight gain and trying many diets available, I have experienced amazing success in the EFT work I am doing with Zoe Walton.  In three months, my eating lifestyle has changed and my weight loss has been significant.   Zoe is an experienced and knowledgeable EFT practitioner who has taught me EFT techniques that I can use to stop my food cravings, lose weight and live a healthy life.

Leah M., Pacheco, CA


EFT for Allergies

I came to Zoe with multiple symptoms that ranged from moderate to severe.  Some of these symptoms were chronic bloating, constipation, chronic sinus congestion, allergies to my cats, certain foods, fatigue and flatulence.  After the first session using EFT, I was able to enjoy my cats again.  Later, my boating ceased, and food allergies diminished, I lost weight, and experienced an elevation in my immune system.  I was generally feeling an overall sense of well being that I had not experience in a long time.

Rhoda H.


EFT for Sleep

EFT has helped me in several ways.  It helps me relax when I’m anxious.  It helps me fall asleep if I wake up in the middle of the night.  It also helped relieve me of some shoulder pain that I had had for a long time.  It’s a great technique!  Thank you, Zoe.

Jane S.

Heal Yourself with EFT

A few years ago I was having dinner with a friend of mine, she was talking about a healer she had been seeing for years in San Rafael, who was using interesting processes called EFT (Emotional Freedom technique). I was fascinated went online to get more information and decided to go see the healer – Zoe Walton.  My experiences have been many but there are two that really stood out for me.

EFT  Tapping Success Stories

My first session with Zoe for physical body work (versus emotional body work) was when I recently moved to a new apartment and was experiencing allergy problems and wasn’t sure about the cause.  I had bought new upholstered furniture that has a very strong chemical odor; I could smell it opening the door to my apartment.  In addition, I had allergy problems that could be coming from two sets of rugs that I had been switching around. Zoe had asked me to bring in samples of the fibers and she used a technique, EFT, I felt better (as usual) when I left her office but the real surprise came that evening when I opened the door to my apartment, there was the sweetest smell coming from inside, the toxic/chemical smell was gone and my sinuses remained clear. I had always believed in the work that Zoe was doing but this experience put me over the top!!

EFT for Muscle Strain

My second experience was when I dislocated my shoulder and was seeing my chiropractor for adjustments and physical therapy. He suggested that I see an acupuncturist because of the tight strained muscles around my shoulder.  I saw Zoe concerning my shoulder, and she used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), 2 ½ weeks after the dislocation.  When the session started I was only able to raise my arm shoulder level, at the end of the session I was raising my arm up to the ceiling, with no pain. What really surprised me was later that night when I went swimming, I was able to use my arms without concern of pain or relapse. It was the beginning of working back to my mile using both my arms. Thx Zoe!

Taren T.


EFT and Self-esteem

EFT tapping success stories

Zoe and Lindsay

I started seeing Zoe initially several years ago for food allergies, but my problems were so much more than that.  I soon found that Zoe has a remarkable knowledge of the human condition and an uncanny gift for healing.  She’s intuitive, kind-hearted, very intelligent, and sensitive.  Plus it’s clear that she genuinely cares about her clients.   I came to Zoe as a very sick person, with many physical and emotional problems.  But after each session with her I felt stronger and better.  My food allergies are completely gone, my energy is back, and I feel great.  I actually consider Zoe to be my primary health care practitioner and go to see her before ever considering seeing an M.D.  Perhaps Zoe’s best gifts to me were her warm friendship and her caring enough to teach me how to use EFT.  It’s become an integral part of my life and work.  And through EFT’s magic and Zoe’s coaching, I’ve become a healthy, happy person again.

Lindsay Kenny, Life Coach, EFT Practitioner