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Ram Dass

Ram Dass & Conscious Aging

Conscious aging is the subject here. I was listening to a Ram Dass (former Harvard professor) audio CD called “Conscious Aging”, that was recorded in 2006 before Ram Dass had a stroke that impaired his ability to speak. The CD is worth listening to, it’s filled with wisdom and humor.

Think of Consciousness As A TV With 3 Channels 

One of his ideas is as follows:

We can think of our consciousness as a TV having 3 channels.

We all have the free will and the ability to tune into whatever channel we want.

Channel One is concerned with your survival, getting what you need and want, mostly on the physical plane. Most people on this planet are tuned into Channel One.

Channel Two is a channel concerned with self-discovery ( who am I?, why do I react the way I do? How can change my conditioned behavior?). Not all people have the time, space and money to pursue self-discovery, but more and more people are interested in self-discovery.

Channel Three is a channel that is concerned with connecting with something that is bigger than your individual self. More and more people are feeling a desire to directly connect,  perhaps merge and experience God, Source, Presence, All That Is.

People who are tuned into Channel three find that their momentary experiences of this channel brings a sense of security, peace and sometimes love and joy. Often they strive to be able to tune in for longer and longer periods.

Conscous Aging:  Tune Into All Three Channels With EFT

Pro EFT and all the other tapping techniques I do can help you tune in to all three channels. People often have a goal or a dream but there are subconscious blocks or limiting thoughts that get in their way. Tapping can eliminate those limiting beliefs and focus your mind on empowering you to move ahead

Some people want to change a conditioned behavior. Often these have their roots in an upsetting experience in their childhood where they decided that a certain behavior was going to keep them safe. Tapping can neutralize these old traumas but more importantly it can bring to the awareness the negative decisions made at that time. Then we take steps to re-program your subconscious around those decisions. This is an extraordinary advance because for decades a person could discover what was holding them back but NOT be able to change the behavior, only explain it.

Lastly Pro EFT and the Tapping techniques I use can help you on your spiritual path. Many times people will have fears of turning in a bag lady or being extinguished if they progress too far. All those fears can be eliminated.