The VAK Learning Style

The VAK learning style is derived from the accelerated learning world. VAK uses the three main sensory receivers: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic & Tactile (movement), to determine what your preferred and dominant learning style is.  Most of us use all three modes to understand and learn new information and experiences but according to VAK theory, only one or two styles are dominant. Knowing what our dominant style is, can be a big help when learning EFT.

What is the best way to learn EFT?

Learning EFT tapping: What is the best way to learn EFT?

There’s so much to EFT that you could take several routes.

  • Attend a Pro EFT Level One training
  • Watch YouTube videos of practitioner tapping demos
  • Memorize the EFT Tapping Points
  • Study the material I offer on this site
  • Begin daily tapping to see how it works
  • Read the Meridian Tapping Texhnique Manual

If you run into problems you can always call me for an over the phone consultation. EFT is elegant in its simplicity, yet there is so much more to it than meets the eye. EFT is effective for hundreds of simple issues and can be self-applied. Try it on your children, and friends. However,  you can run up against blocks, and for that you should consult with an experienced practitioner.

Learning EFT Tapping : Attend a Live Pro EFT workshop.

So what is the best way to learn EFT? Maybe you need a live pro EFT workshop. Where can you find a workshop? Well, if you are in our neighborhood, that is, California, you can take a workshop with Zoe and Lynn, two of the most advanced practitioners of EFT in the world. They offer very popular classes in EFT, both beginning and advanced, in Novato, California several times a year. For more on these, visit this page.

For more on EFT  go here.