what is surrogate tapping

What is surrogate tapping? When someone can’t tap on themselves, you can tap for them, on your own body. This can be very useful if you want to help a pre-verbal baby or child, a severely ill person, a mentally incapacitated person, a handicapped person, a person in surgery or a coma. You can also do surrogate tapping on pets.


What Is Surrogate Tapping?  Tapping For Others

First, you need to know how to do EFT, how to apply EFT for your own use and get some experience doing so.

  1. To do EFT for someone else, focus on your intention to connect with the person or animal.  Set the intention by saying “This tapping is for….”  Pretend you are now that other person. You may also try to feel a “connection and a oneness” to that person.
  2. It helps put yourself in a certain frame of mind: Try to put your ego aside. Put aside your own agenda for that person. In a way, disappear yourself for the session. You want to feel clear and calm. Detach from the outcome and keep your personal desires out of the tapping.
  3. Now put yourself into their shoes and as best you can.  You will tap with phrases that reflect how (you think)  they feel and  think about the issue. You will tap using phrases the person might say, if they could express themselves. Just use your imagination.
  4. Do an EFT Session just as you would for yourself, using the EFT Basic Recipe or some of the more advanced techniques.
  5. Tune into the person you are tapping for,  and try to sense what they are feeling. You can use your intuition, or observations about how they are holding their body, facial muscles, voice tone, their behavior, and mood. As you tap for them, see if they relax and become calmer.
  6. Surrogate Tapping is non-local healing so it can be done from a distance. You can do surrogate tapping on the phone. If it is possible to see the person you are tapping on, it is helpful. So perhaps you can arrange a Skype session with them or a Google hangout session. But it is not a requirement. If you see them, you will be able to pick up on non-verbal communication. This is not a requirement of Surrogate Tapping, it just makes it a little easier.


Do you need to get permission from the person you will be doing Surrogate EFT for?

This is an individual decision and there are a lot of different opinions about this in the EFT world.

Some people believe that since EFT doesn’t harm anyone and they are offering it as a gift. They may also feel that it is similar to praying for someone, it is an act of love so they feel it is OK to do surrogate EFT on anyone they like.

I personally like to get permission from the person in advance. If I am unable to do so, I I ask their Spirit in my mind and use my intuition and Guidance to get an answer which I then honor.

So if I want to tap on a crying baby in an airplane, I will do this step first.


Surrogate EFT: What Do I Say?

There’s 2 ways to tap for another person or pet.

1)    You can pretend that you are that person “Even though I have this….”

2)    To can refer to them “Even though ______(person’s name)___has this…”

I prefer the first way. But you can’t do it wrong. Try to be very specific when you tap and make sure you are persistent.

For more on surrogate tapping, you can go here.