tapping for allergies


Tapping  for allergies. There has been an increase of food and environmental sensitivities in our society.  Some of the reasons for this include: increased exposure to chemicals and other substances that our ancestors were not exposed to, our food sources are not as pure as they used to be, scientists tampering with our foods (foods being crossed with other foods to make them more hardy and insect resistant), buildings constructed after 1970 are more airtight so that chemicals and molds are trapped inside.  Our immune systems have developed for over a million years to determine what substances are good for our bodies and which are not.  But our immune systems are now being exposed to thousands of new chemicals daily. 

Oriental Medicine teaches us that when our Energy Body is in balance we are healthy.  If we are stressed that makes us a little bit off balance. Then if we are run down or have a bad night sleep, we are even more off balance.  In addition to that, if we eat a food that is hard for our body to digest or we are sensitive to, we might be so out of balance that we now experience a symptom. This is called the “Load Phenomenon.”

Tapping for Allergies: the Rain Barrel Effect 

There is also a phenomenon called “Rain Barrel Effect” that can cause allergies.  The immune system is constantly processing and dealing with the new foods, chemicals and toxins in our environment. If the body is overloaded, it becomes toxic and the immune system, lymph and liver can no longer process these toxins well. We become less able to handle the overload of toxicity and symptoms occur.

Traumatic events can also cause allergies to occur.   Allergies can occur when a person is traumatized while certain foods are in their system.  A person can also attach a trauma to certain substances, animals or inhalants. For example, my client’s cat allergy cleared after we cleared a traumatic event that happened with a cat she had when she was 7 years old.

You can successfully clear allergies with EFT.  The simplest technique is to tap on the allergic substance, animal, inhalant etc.

I recommend that you do not use use this EFT Allergy Protocol on any food or substance  that gives you  an anaphylactic reaction or anaphylactic shock. Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death. It typically causes a number of symptoms including an itchy rash, throat swelling, and low blood pressure. Common causes include insect bites/stings, foods, and medications. For more on Anaphylactic shock go here

For the Allergy Protocol, I suggest that you put the item you are allergic to on your lap while you are tapping. Make sure that if it is a food, that it is in a glass container. If you are tapping for a pollen allergy, take a wet paper towel and wipe the hood of your car with it, you will pick up the pollens that have fallen there.


tapping for allergies1. THE SET UP STATEMENT (Tapping on the Karate Chop Point):

Even though my body has a problem with this substance(s) (always name it). It is good to place the substance on your body in a glass container.

If it is a food say: “I ask my body to produce sufficient enzymes to safely and efficiently digest this substance.”

If it a pollen or chemical etc. say: “I ask my body, mind and spirit to process this substance(s) in a way that promotes perfect health in my body.”

Repeat these statements  three times.


I ask my body and immune system to view this substance(s) as safe and harmless and safely process this substance(s).

Even though I have a reaction to this substance(s), I deeply and profoundly accept myself and I choose to have my body disconnect any and all associations it has made in any way, shape, or form to this substance(s), whether energetic, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, self-generated or acquired, in each and every cell, tissue organ and gland of my body.

Even though I have all these emotions associated with the substance(s), I choose to have my body disconnect each and every one of these emotions in each and every cell, tissue, organ and gland of my body.

Even though I have suffered a trauma involving this substance(s), I deeply love and accept myself and ask my body to clear this trauma completely

I ask my body to clear the allergy, sensitivity, failure to metabolize or assimilate the substance(s) in my hand.

I ask my body to clear the allergy, sensitivity, failure to metabolize and assimilate this substance(s) on the DNA level and also on the Cellular Somatic Memory level permanently and completely.

I ask my body to heal, it knows what to do.