What Is the Best Way to Learn EFT?

I think the best way to learn EFT is in a live Level One Workshop from a Certified EFT or Pro EFT Trainer.  Investing the time, usually 7 hours, usually guarantees that you can go home and start tapping on Simple Issues right away.

Differences in Tapping Styles

In learning EFT tapping, you may have already noticed that many practitioners do tapping differently.  Since I am an acupuncturist and know about the meridian system, I tap on both sides. My belief is, that you have a better chance of getting to the blockage and dislodging it more quickly by bi-lateral tapping.

If you use one hose to wash your car, you’ll still get it clean. But if a friend joins you with another hose on the other side, you’ll get the car cleaner faster (and probably have more fun). That said, probably half of the practitioners out there just use one side and get good results. I’ve tried it both ways, and for me, double-sided tapping gets better results. I suggest you do whatever works best for you.

Learning EFT Tapping

learning eft tappingWhich is better to use for the Set Up Statement the Sore Point or the Karate Point? I use the Karate Chop point. The Sore Spot is not an acupuncture point.


Map of the Meridians

Why do people use different tapping points?

The body has 14 main meridians throughout the body. These energy pathways come to the surface in several places throughout the body; the face, head, upper torso, spine, ankles, wrists, etc. There are hundreds of acupuncture points in the body.  When Gary Craig developed EFT, he picked his Tapping Points from the the major or most important acupuncture points that are most commonly used by acupuncturists today.

There are really no right or wrong points. We tend to do what works best for us. And for me using the 10 points mentioned above brings extraordinary results.