EFT not working? There are blocks that can impede success. Beginners should test EFT out on simple issues and leave the complex ones to skilled practitioners. As wonderful as EFT is, there are several impediments that can get in the way of its success. With a competent practitioner EFT can work successfully over 95% of the time, and it also can work when everything else has failed.

There are stumbling blocks to EFT, and teaching yourself and mastering each of these will make your practice far more effective. For simple and complex issues go here.

EFT Not Working? I’ve tried EFT, but it’s just not working for me. What now?

When people try EFT for old problems or complex issues and aren’t getting the results they want, they may think EFT just isn’t working for them. Others think that maybe the testimonials they have heard aren’t real. Actually, neither is true. EFT not working means you have run up against blockages

Here are some common reasons why it you might be having problems:

1: As a beginner, you need to be very specific and focus on one event or aspect of an issue. If you tap on an issue and it is too global you may feel overwhelmed and not get the results you are looking for.

2. Look for the Core Issue underneath the “story or narrative” or issue that you are tapping about. Often when you start tapping on your issue at that deeper level, you will start make progress. Listen deeply and use your intuition.

3. If you are an inexperience tapper, perhaps you need more information and training about EFT Techniques

4. A very common blockage is called a SBS (Secondary Benefit Syndrome) a subconscious resistance to change. ProEFTers call this a Reversal. If you can identify the Secondary Benefit Syndrome, then with tapping you can neutralize it.  SBS is a subconscious urge to hold onto a negative feeling, chronic pain, extra weight, or negative habitual behavior and there are a lot of reasons why the subconscious doesn’t want change.. These reasons can be identified and neutralized.  One of the most common reasons is that the subconscious part  of the person feels like it is unsafe to change, or it feels scared of stepping out of it’s comfort zone.

5. Simple vs Complex Issues- most beginners have great results if they tap on “Simple Issues”. A simple issue is single faceted e.g frustrated about a computer problem, it is a recent problem, it is not a chronic, persistent problem, often the issue has just one aspect, simple fears (not complex phobias), simple emotions like stress, anger at someone,and cravings.

6. Shifting Aspects- often tapping leads us from one aspect of an issue to another. If you are not conscious of this, you may be jumping from one aspect to another aspect, never really neutralizing any of them. Stay with the aspect you are working on, and neutralize it. Write down other aspects,as they come up and methodically work on them one at at time.

7.Lack of persistence is another common reason why you may not be getting the results you want with EFT. Set aside at least 1 hour to tap on your issue.  You may feel better when one aspect of your issue is neutralized but you won’t get a complete shift around it until all aspects have been neutralized. Give yourself enough time to process completely. Sometimes, you’ll need another session to really finish it off.

9 Stumbling Blocks of EFT.   . You can contact us here.