eft for kids/children

Can EFT be used on children, the infirm, or pets?


I have used EFT very successfully with children. An EFT practitioner I know created a “Tappy Bear” with EFT points clearly marked on it. The Tappy Bear or even a doll, helps create a playful, lighthearted atmosphere.  For young children, do short sessions and make the child feel that their session is very special.

EFT for Kids/Children: A Video

For best results, use EFT phrases that your child understands. Introduce tapping as a game and you can build the session time into your child’s routine. Some mothers tap on or with their child at bedtime. The child tells the parent all the good things and bad things that happened to them that day while the parent lovingly taps on them. By the time a child is 4 or 5 years old, they can tap on themselves. Simplify the SUDs rating scale. A small child could use hands wide for a 10 and close for a zero. For babies, pets, the elderly and those unable to tap themselves, you can use surrogate tapping, which is tapping on yourself, for them for their benefit.

EFT for Animals

When people first find out about Animal EFT, they immediately think that it is about tapping ON animals and ask where they should tap their animals.  It works the same as with surrogate tapping on people, you tap on yourself, for the animal. Therefore the protocol applies whether it’s a child an infirm person or someone in another country.

Of course animals do have a meridian system, but many of the points are in places where animals truly do not like to be touched, never mind tapped. The wonderful thing about Animal EFT is that you DON’T tap on the animal directly, but you tap on yourself to make the changes happen.

Surrogate EFT tapping

This is called surrogate tapping and it has lots of advantages:

• You can do it at any time and even anywhere — you do not have to be in the same room with the animal or person.
• You can do it much more often than an animal would generally permit.
• You can help wild animals, animals that don’t belong to you, and animals that you can’t really touch much, such as birds and fish.
• Once you have learned the simple technique, you can use it on any problem, on any animal and you don’t have to know anything at all about their various meridian systems or points.

Basic Surrogate Tapping Protocol

1) Focus your healing intention on the person or animal. You are connecting your energy field with theirs

2) I like to ask their permission if possible. Of course with a baby, animal or unconscious person you can’t. but I still like to ask their Spirit for permission. If intuitively I don’t get permission, I won’t tap for them.

3) Do EFT as usual but you will need to tap “as if” you are the animal or person. Once while traveling to Boston from SF on a plane I was sitting in front of a baby who was crying. So I asked internally if I had the baby’s permission and then I tapped as if I was the baby. Very shortly after tapping, the baby fell asleep. Well, that was a little out of my experience, so it was hard to believe that my tapping had an impact. But I did that same surrogate protocol with that same crying baby twice more with the same results!! After the third time, I knew something amazing was going on.

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