Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT

 Pro EFT Master 

an emotional version of acupuncture

Zoe Walton

An emotional version of acupuncture—that is what Emotional fFreedom Techniques, ProEFT and Matrix Reimprinting is. Acupuncture uses needles. EFT uses gentle finger tapping on acupuncture points instead of needles. Easy-to-learn tapping sequences, applied to the body, stimulate the proper flow of energy throughout acupuncture pathways which are called meridians. This tapping eliminates energy blockages. While you are tapping, you tune into and focus on an issue.

This simple process eliminates energy disturbances in your body, resulting in the clearing of negative emotions and physical symptoms. Acupuncturists know that stimulating and balancing meridians can alleviate pain and other symptoms. ProEFT and Matrix Reimprinting, however, works not only with pain, but emotions, phobias, self-esteem and so much more. Sometimes Pro EFT and Matrix Reimprinting achieves results where nothing else does.

How Does Pro EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Work?

I would like to introduce two amazingly effective techniques to you, ProEFT (Progressive EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting. My view is that the body, mind, emotions, and spirit all work together as one, affecting the energy body field that we all have in our physical bodies. This energy body field is invisible. It actually has energy centers and pathways running through it. When one or more of these pathways are disturbed, physical and emotional symptoms occur.

The ProEFT Practitioner searches out decisions made and programmed in childhood that are still affecting you today. These may produce unwanted behaviors and emotions to arise in the present. The goal of Pro EFT and Matrix Reimprinting techniques is to use tapping to rebalance the energy field as well as the physical and emotional body.

What will tapping do for you?

1. Resolves traumatic emotions and memories
2. Eliminates fears and phobias
3. Stops cravings
4. Alleviates chronic pain and migraines
5. Helps eliminate allergies and sensitivities
6. Releases stress and anxiety
7. Changes limiting beliefs

Zoe’s expertise

Licensed California Acupuncturist & Nutritionist-29 years
Certified ProEFT Master Practitioner and Trainer in the San Francisco area (10 years)
Practicing EFT since 1998 – Certificate EFT-Adv (Emotional Freedom Techniques

Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Experience of over 12,000 session

Meditating for 40 years


830 5th Ave San Rafael, 94901
415 456-8435

An emotional version of acupuncture