Unhealthy Worry vs Healthy Worry


Unhealthy worry vs healthy worry is what I would like to describe to you today. EFT tapping  is a wonderful way to transform unhealthy worrying into healthy worrying. See the difference between the two below:

Healthy Worrying

  1. Used to plan and prepare
  2. Doesn’t get in the way of daily activities
  3. Healthy worry can be controlled
  4. Lasts for a brief time
  5. Used to imagine, reflect, assess and problem-solve
  6. Healthy worry lowers physical effects of anxiety
  7. You imagine the future, plan ahead and rehearse solutions


Unhealthy Worrying

  1. Is the preoccupation with a possibly unpleasant or disagreeable future event
  2. You feel like you are living out that unpleasant future event
  3. Often invokes a trauma from your past
  4. Often significantly disrupts your job, activities and your social life
  5. You expect the worst
  6. Leads to avoidance, procrastination and generalization of all sorts of things
  7. Leads to catastrophizing
  8. Distracts from focusing and creative problem solving
  9. Causes physical reactions of anxiety such as sweating, heart racing, flight/flight/freeze reactions.
  10. Reduces your quality of life
  11. Can even lead to insomnia and other ailments.

Unhealthy Worry vs Healthy Worry: Past Trauma 

Unhealthy worry vs healthy worry centers on the problem of past trauma.  That is, one of the underlying causes for unhealthy worry is a trauma (any event where you felt alone, or powerless, or threatened) from your past. EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting are amazing effective modalities for neutralizing trauma. When an upsetting event happened, you probably made a decision about yourself, other people, and or life. Perhaps you decided that life is not safe, people are not safe, or grownups are going to be there for you and you have to do everything for yourself. Those decisions went into your subconscious and are still running today 24/7. They contribute to you feeling anxious and on guard. Unless you work with this belief, they will continue to play out for your entire life.

Use EFT To Transform Your Anxiety Beliefs

I invite you to transform your anxiety- producing beliefs with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, which are the newest and cutting edge way to permanently reprogram your conditioned beliefs to new positive life affirming beliefs.

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Wishing you the best