causes of procrastination

Causes of procrastination is what today’s newsletter is all about. Some people view this behavior as a character flaw or weakness instead of what it is, a habit.

And all habits can be changed!! Daily tapping can be a powerful tool in changing this habit once you become aware of the underlying fear or issue that holds you back.

The American Psychological Association estimates that 26% of Americans chronically procrastinate. Most people occasionally procrastinate. I occasionally procrastinate around very specific tasks, like data entry for my taxes.

Procrastination is:

1)    Putting off something until later by not starting it

2)    Starting at the last minute

3)    Starting the project or task but not finishing it


Causes of Procrastination: Reasons for Procrastination

1)    Expecting a task to be difficult

2)    Feeling overwhelmed

3)    The fear of failure, the fear that you won’t succeed at the task, the fear you won’t do a good job, the fear of making mistakes, fear of disapproval, fear of letting someone down

4)    It’s just boring

5)    You are too disorganized

6)    Perfectionism

7)    Black and white, all or nothing thinking

8)    The directions or instructions are too vague


As you can see there are a lot of fears listed. If you’ve found one or two reasons that resonate with you, what would your life be like it you no longer have that fear or issue??

EFT ( Tapping ) is the best, hands down tool for eliminating fears and issues, that I’ve come across.

By the way, if you can start a task but then have a hard time completing it, the underlying issue is usually that the task involves many steps or tasks that have to be carried out over a long period of time. So the person gives up before reaching the goal.

We all know the downside to procrastination and the emotional and self-esteem burden it causes and the toll is even worse for chronic procrastinators. So why do it??

!) It relieves us of our responsibilities when we tune out or distract ourselves

2) We can escape from the real world

3) We give ourselves permission to do something more entertaining

4) It is an easy way out.

5) We hope the task will go away.

Helpful Hint: When thinking about goals, tasks and projects, be realistic, practical, and make it feasible. If you are a chronic procrastinator make your goals simple. Chunk a big project into many little pieces and stop to feel the accomplishment at each step.

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