Can EFT Work With PTSD, digestive problems, migraines, low back pain, depression?



Simple EFT tapping: Does EFT work for PTSD, diabetes, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, depression, smoking, even weight loss? To which we almost always respond, “ Try it on everything!”

A more thorough and accurate answer, however, would be, that many others have experienced great results with their physical issues, so give it a try. See if you feel better. It’s safe to say EFT has been tried on just about every issue, problem, difficulty or physical ailment you can image.

Simple EFT Tapping: What We Have Seen It Do

We know EFT can bring miraculous results to virtually any out of balance situation. This is especially true when Emotional Freedom Technique is implemented by an accomplished practitioner.  EFT has never been known to harm anyone. Emotional Freedom Technique is painless. Over and over we have observed it working when nothing else will. Go ahead and try it on your issue.  We have used it on everything from headaches to low back aches and from migraines to whiplash. Many cases, however, especially if complex, require much more than just applying the basic tapping sequence.

Virtually all complex issues should be dealt with by a competent EFT practitioner.

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