When Your SUDs Level Doesn’t Come Down

Consider a Secondary Benefit Syndrome (SBS)

Whenever your SUDs level doesn’t come down, you may be experiencing subconscious resistance to letting go of that emotion, belief or trauma which we call an SBS Polarity Reversal or just a Reversal.  In other words, there is a “benefit” to holding on to that emotion. SBS Reversal is our subconscious resistance to change. Even if a person consciously wants to release the issue or emotion they are tapping on, subconsciously there might be a payoff for holding on to their negative emotions, beliefs or traumas. An example of a subconscious payoff is when a person receives sympathy,empathy or attention because of their issue. The subconscious part of them doesn’t want to let go of that. Another example is that subconsciously the person feels that it is unsafe to let it go, or that they need the issue or emotion to protect themself. SBS Reversals need to be dealt with in order to lower SUDS levels.


SBS Polarity Reversals: To Address a Reversal

SBS polarity reversals

● Include a Reversal Statement or Resistance Statement in your Set-Up Statement while tapping the Karate Chop Point. For example, “Even though I am afraid of spiders, and there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to let go of that fearfor whatever reason I love and accept myself.” Then go on to tap on your body points for a few rounds and then test to see if the SUDs level comes down.

● Including a Reversal Statement in your SET UP usually works!  But if it doesn’t, and the SUDs level is not decreasing, we recommend surrogate muscle testing for the client on the individual reversals below.  If you don’t know how to muscle test or don’t have confidence in your muscle testing, just use your intuition and pick one of the individual reversals below that resonates with you as true.

●  If you do this several times and the reversal doesn’t clear, do a complete tapping session focusing on the individual reversal itself.

Below are listed list some of the motives that the subconscious employs to resist change:

Individual EFT Reversals

  • I don’t deserve to get over this issue.
  • It is not possible to get over this issue.
  • It is not safe to get over this issue.
  • I don’t want to let go of this issue because it protects me.
  • I’ll lose my identity if I get over this issue.
  • I use this issue to blame, judge or punish myself, another, the world or the Universe.
  • I don’t want to let go of this issue because I get sympathy, empathy or attention because of it.
  • I’ll feel guilty if I let go of this issue.
  • I use the issue as an excuse.
  • I don’t want to release this issue because my subconscious uses it to support one of these archetypes: the Victim, the Martyr, the Tyrant, the Rescuer, the Wrong-doer, the Struggler or the Long-sufferer, the Pleaser, the Complainer or the Freedom Seeker.


If one of these archetypes tests as positive, tap on a Reversal Set-Up Statement that addresses it.  For example, repeat three times: “Even though a subconscious part of me wants to hold on to this issue because it supports the Victim archetype, I now chose to release all victim consciousness.”  

I often talk to clients about how the subconscious plays out these roles, letting them know that the role is not who they are and that they can let go of the “costume” of the archetype and choose a different perspective.

I also let them know that the archetype is playing out in this issue and may not be playing out in other aspects of their life.  Of course, if the same archetype comes up over and over again while we work together, the client may want to address it later.

Very occasionally a client walks into my office and I will get the intuitive “message” to muscle test them on Global Reversals.  A Global reversal is a negative attitude that affects their overall outlook on their life and health. 

Global Reversals 

  • I want to live.
  • I want to die.
  • I want out of my life.
  • I want to be healthy.
  • I want to be sick.

To correct a Global Reversal, you need to say and tap on the Reversal Set-Up Statement three times each time, ten times a day.  You need to re-commit to your life and health for healing to begin.

An example of a Global Reversal Statement is: “Even though I want to be sick and die, I now choose to live a long, healthy and joyous life and am ready to change whatever I need to in order to make this happen.”

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