EFT Tapping Sequence, Your Basic Tapping Protocol


eft tapping sequenceEFT Tapping Sequence. Before you start tapping, become familiar with the Set Up point and the ten body points. First, choose a simple issue, something single faceted, current and measurable. Second, rate the intensity of your negative feelings from 10 to 0: That will be your SUDS level. Third, find the Karate Chop or Set Up point. You are now ready to start tapping.

EFT Tapping Sequence: Start Tapping

EFT Tapping Sequence1. The SET-UP Statement: “Karate Chop”, while saying:
a. “Even though I have this (insert your issue),
b. there  is a part of me that doesn’t want to let it go (this is your resistance or reversal statement),
c. and I want to love and accept myself (this is your acceptance statement).

2. Rounds
Tap the 10 body points with both hands. This is called performing “a round”.  Say a reminder phrase at each point or even better, change the phrase you say at each point.
a. “…this fear of snakes/heights”,…”pain in the back”,….”this anger at mom”,…
b. Tap 2-3 rounds

3. Check in
(METS): Memories, Emotions, Thoughts and SUDs Level? Any memories come up? What emotions are you feeling? Any new thoughts come up about the issue? What is your SUDs level now?

4. More Rounds
a. Adjust the SBASIC  TAPPING  PROTOCO Let-Up Statement: “Even though there still is some (insert your issue),and there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to let it go, I want to love and accept myself”

b. Tap Points with phrases that reflect back which you discovered in the  Check In.

5. Continue to Check In
And tap more rounds until the issue is a zero SUDs level. Then test yourself and try to get upset. This is how the EFT tapping sequence works.

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