Why Do I Have To Say Negative Statements?

EFT negative thinking: “Why do I have to say negative statements?” Our intention in EFT is to release negative thinking and feelings. We do that by acknowledging that the negative thoughts and emotions  are there, then processing them until they are neutralized.

When you start to express the negative thoughts and feelings, you are in a way stirring the pot, bringing up from the subconscious all the charged thoughts and emotions that you might have suppressed and you start to become aware of it all.  We always work with intention that you want to release the negative thoughts and emotions after processing them. In today’s fast paced culture, we often don’t have the time to actually feel our emotions and they hang around as “emotional baggage”.

EFT Negative Tapping: How It Works

By saying the negative but true statement while stimulating the meridians, you are sending tiny vibrations or shock waves throughout your energy pathways. By doing so, you are gently nudging away the blockage or disruption that causes the negative emotion.

If you stated a positive affirmation instead, such as, “Even though I was just robbed and beaten, that’s OK, I feel safe and secure now” you’re system would surely rebel. There would be a giant “tail ender” in your subconscious mind saying “What?! Are you kidding me? I don’t feel secure or safe at all!”  Your subconscious (or even conscious) would have the same reaction if you left off the negative occurrence as well and made only a positive statement.

Many have tried this approach to no avail.  It is true that when we tell ourselves “It’s OK, I’ll be alright” we can sometimes calm ourselves down. But calming ourselves is not the purpose of EFT.  The purpose of EFT is to completely eliminate the negative emotion, pain or issue. So EFT negative thinking is employed to eradicate the negative experience.

That said, however, once the intensity is at a lower SUDs level (3 or less) you can then switch to a more positive choice statement.