EFT Detox Protocol


EFT Protocol for Helping Body Remove Residues of Drugs or Other Chemicals


EFT detox protocols are for helping the body to remove residues of drugs and other chemicals. Generally, you need to clear any reversals, then choose the setup statements, then start tapping on EFT points.



A Reversal is a subconscious resistance to change.

Clearing a Reversal Protocol:  

Inquire deeply to see if there’s any way that feeling bad or sick serves you. Here are a few subconscious examples: Do you get out of chores that you don’t enjoy? Do you get sympathy, empathy or attention? Does it give you some sort of excuse ?

Clear these reversals by simply tapping on them until the SUDs Level is a zero.

For example, the Set Up might be “Even though I feel sick and fatigued from the residues of these drugs, and there’s a part of me that likes all the attention I’ve been getting, I love and accept myself “. Then tap on wanting attention for being sick. When that has cleared, go on to the rest of the protocol.



Even though there are residues of ____________, _________________, _____________, (always name it/them) … in my body, I ask my liver to detox these chemicals through phase 1 and phase 2 completely and totally, and to release all residues of these chemicals through the clearing pathways (or all of the elimination routes) of my body: through my skin, my lymph, my urination, and my stools.

Even though there are residues of ___________, _________________, __________, … in my body; I ask my body, mind, and spirit to process these substances safely and efficiently, and to release any of their residues permanently and completely from my body, in a way that promotes perfect health for me. 


I ask my body to perfectly eliminate all of the toxins and residues (of …. ) out of my body.

I’m letting go of all the residues of these chemicals. I trust in the love given to me by my doctors to help my body heal itself.

I ask my body to heal, it knows what to do. (Repeat through all of the points, while tapping).

4. Then, as an option,  USE TAPPING EFT AFFIRMATIONS

I look forward to the future, knowing that, as I yield to love, the very best things possible will happen. 

When I feel afraid, I love my fear. When I feel anxious, I love my anxiety. When I start to feel that I need to be in control. I love my feeling that I need to be in control. I’m not afraid of any of my feelings. I love all of my feelings. All of my feelings are trying to help me get well. I include them in love, so that I may truly get well. 

I let the power of love heal me. 

The more I let go, the healthier I am. 

I trust the body’s urge to heal; I don’t have to make it get well. All I have to do is support it and I am becoming healthier every day. 

I am my healing power. Each cell of my body receives the healing light of my essence. 

I receive healing and I deserve to be healed. I am as capable of receiving healing as anyone else. 

I let go of all, old negative patterns for my physical body. I let go of all negative ideas about my body. And the perfect pattern for my body is always available. 

No matter what symptoms I manifest, I am increasing my health.

I let healing come from this perfect spiritual pattern for my physical body. 

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