what is surrogate tapping

EFT Tapping Basics

The eft tapping technique is very easy to do. Start by learning the SET Up Point and the 10 body tapping points. Download the Tapping Point Handout on this site and refer to it until you have memorized each point. Each point has an anatomical marker that is connected to it. For example, the eyebrow point, on the side of the eyes, under the eyes etc. You will be  tapping a major point on all of the acupuncture meridians in your body. When you tap lightly with your fingertips ( you should never feel sore after tapping), you are inputting kinetic energy onto specific meridians on the head and chest while you think and feel into your specific problem- whether it is a traumatic event, a  pain, or an issue- and you voice what you are feeling. Always hold the intention that you are tapping the issue and the emotions that are attached to it, out of your meridians,body, heart and mind. This intention sets up an inner environment of letting go.

Next download the Basic EFT Recipe from my site. This is the simplest of all eft techniques. Yes, there are many, many eft techniques!! An accomplished eft practitioner know many eft techniques to use with the 10 body points but the Basic Recipe is the easiest to start out with. ProEFT teaches the Golden Gate Technique, Bundling Baggage Technique, The Trauma Tree Technique and many more in our Level One and Level Two Workshops.

EFT Core Skills

If you watch eft videos, you may notice that many practitioners tap differently from others. Because I am an acupuncturist, and I am familiar with the meridians and where they go in the body, I suggest that you to tap on both sides of your body. This is called bilateral tapping. Of course, when you come to the points under the nose, under the mouth, and the one on top of the head, you use only one hand.

People will use different tapping points, and this is perfectly all right. In reality there are not any right or wrong tapping points. I feel the our intention with tapping the body points is to just move the energy through the Energy Body while you focus on what you are feeling. You can learn more about that on this page.